Thesis Degree
2016 PhD Jason Chong Imperial College London
2016 PhD Bethany Frost Cardiff University
2015 PhD Rachel Chong Cambridge University
2014 PhD Jennifer McNaughten Queens University Belfast
2014 PhD Hannah Jones Cardiff University
2012 PhD Andrew Osborne University of Norwich
2011 PhD Stephanie A. Mroczkowska Aston University, Birmingham
2010 PhD Ming Liu University of London
2009 MPhil Edward W J Pritchard University of Cardiff
2009 PhD Helen Baker University of London
2008 M.Sc Mila Kisilevsky University of Toronto
2007 PhD Peter Wu Cardiff University
2006 PhD Gary Coleman Queen’s University, Belfast
2006 PhD D R McDowell Coleraine, University of Ulster
2005 PhD Sarah Farrant Cardiff University
2004 MD Rupurt Bourne University of London
2003 PhD James Tan University of London
2003 PhD Sarah J Hughes Queens University, Belfast
2003 PhD Joanne Logan Queens University, Belfast
2002 PhD CLaire Tochel Glasgow University
2000 MD Scott Fraser University of Leicester
1998 MD A Waldock Bristol University
1998 PhD Robert J Cubbidge Aston University, Birmingham
1997 PhD Sarah Hosking University of Manchester
Internal Promotion
2015 D Overby Imperial College London
2014 J Albon Cardiff University
2014 A Rudnicka St George’s, University of London
2013 L Kagemann University of Pittsburgh
2012 J Loughman Dublin Institute of Technology
2010 C Sheridan Liverpool University
2009 M F Corderio Imperial College London
2008 R Ayyala Tulane University School of Medicine
2007 T Gardiner Queens University, Belfast
2006 R North Cardiff University
2006 M F Corderio Imperial College London
2004 J Morgan Cardiff University
2003 B Wordinger University of North Texas


Austrian Science Fund British Council for the Prevention of Blindness
Fight for Sight, UK Friends of Moorfields
Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, UK International Glaucoma Association, London
Medical Research Council, UK National Institute for Health Research, UK
North West Region Health Authority, UK Research into Ageing, UK
Royal National Institute for the Blind Scottish Office
The Glaucoma Foundation, USA


Archives of Ophthalmology British Journal of Ophthalmology
Experimental Eye Research Investigative Ophthalmology and Vision Science
Journal of Glaucoma Molecular Vision
Acta Ophthalmologica Scandinavia American Journal of Ophthalmology
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology Current Eye Research
DiabetesWise Diabetologica
Glia Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
Journal of Physiology Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
Survey of Ophthalmology, Eye