A.  Specific Projects Related to Glaucoma Fibrosis.

  • Bioenergetics and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in LC cells
  • Role of Tissue Stiffness in TM and ONH, using integrin inhibitors
  • Development of 3-D Lamina Cribrosa bio-engineered scaffold
  • Proliferation and Apoptosis of LC fibroblasts
  • Schlemm’s Canal Endothelial Cell Fibrosis
  • Investigation of the role of YAP and Hippo Pathway
  • Biodegradable anti-fibrotic drug-eluting scaffolds for post-glaucoma surgery sub-conjunctival fibrosis
  • Use of single-cell RNA sequencing for differential gene expression

B.   Pseudoexfoliation  Glaucoma

  • Role of DNA methylation in regulating LOXLI tissue expression
  • Genotyping for risk determining SNPs in LOXLI

C.   Clinical trial of macular pigment supplements in glaucoma patients